The world is talking about us. They say some things. It is not up to us to judge them, but if they’re nice, why not shamelessly display our pride?

2.0 (2013)

2.0 EP

  • Rock En Folie: “Alternine’s “2.0″ if THE revelation from 2013.”
  • Chronicles Of Chaos: “Remember the name, both of the singer and the band she fronts, Alternine; Great things await this group.
  • Yegg n°24: “Each sound is a necessity and “2.0″ is a music of the moment, primordial, visceral, that grabs you by the guts.”
  • Power Of Metal: “The combination of [Laëtitia's] voice and the excellent music is very impressive.
  • Amalgame Musical: “A beautiful opus that shows all the potential of Alternine who, with generosity, makes us discover their original musical world.
  • Metal Revolution : “Great things await this French group! Highly recommended.
  • Les Autres Mondes: “By the dynamic Crystal Shards that magnificently opens the album or the much darker Hollow, the band offers a large variety of compositions.
  • Frequenc6: “Alternine lay the foundations, their foundations.
  • Metal Storm: “Alternine displays a talent that should be hatched and trusted.”
  • Sonic Abuse: “Beautiful and eclectic this is an EP that is impossible to categorize but which is never dull or contrived.”
  • Metal Integral : “[Laëtitia] injects a feline ferocity to the music of the band.”
  • Nawak Posse: “Alternine gives us a well produced EP of a punchy, ethereal and deeply organic rock.”
  • Sad But True: “Each song is strongly composed with an uncluttered sound that the band uses wonderfully well.”
  • Les Immortels: “2.0 gets more nuanced and rich as its 5 tracks unfold.”
  • Sea of Tranquility: “Alternine has definite potential so hopefully they will get their due.
  • Agenda n°104 (janvier/février/mars 2014) : “Alternine offers an original and compelling five-track EP.”

EP (2008)

Alternine EP 2008 Cover

  • Black Velvet n°58 (4/5): “The vocals are superbly executed and enhance the other elements of the band. [...] A strong EP from a band that now finally sounds complete.”
  • Rock One n°49: “Full of energy, aerial and mysterious, the Metal from Rennes can only satisfy any listener of good music!”
  • Le chant du grillon: “This band is going to get established and by that I mean “explode”.”
  • MetalShip (4/5): “The band could be one of the French revelations of the following years.” 
  • MetalFury (8/10): “Best pick!”
  • ZikAnnuaire: “I’m won over.”
  • Toxic Pete: “Superbly written and stunningly executed!”
  • Power of Metal (80/100): “Thumbs up!”
  • Metal Revolution (81/100): “I predict their future to be bright.”
  • Discordance: “A slap in your face.”
  • Franchuta: “Alternine has everything to become a major band.”
  • Vacarm: “The quality was worth the wait.”

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