You won’t see any amplification system on stage, yet Alternine is really a rock band. This might shock purists, but it’s actually how Alternine defines the philosophy of its sound. Why use amps when one can simulate them? Let’s plug some pedalboards and play!

Alternine band

To describe their musical style is rather useless. We could throw in names like A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails or Oceansize, but although they are strong influences, the listener would probably not see the link. One recurrent observation often classifies Laëtitia Jéhanno’s voice as a mix between Skin, Cedric Bixler and Björk. As « alternative rock » doesn’t really mean anything, Alternine will call its music « alternian rock »!

Bass player Julien Névo offers light and dynamic compositions in which Laëtitia Jéhanno’s voice leads the way. On stage, guitarists Clément Bourmeau and Maxime Pouteau and drummer Jean-Félix Hautbois, help bring the music of Alternine to life! Laëtitia’s ability to switch from the softest of voice to brutal screams in a blink of an eye will floor you!

The energy of the songs and of the charismatic singer will quench the listeners’ thirst of melody and musical freshness. Her voice carries the message of the band and can not leave anyone insensitive. To perform intense live shows, to touch the heart of the crowd, such are the goals Alternine strives for.

 Alternine is:
Laëtitia Jehanno: vocals
Julien Névo: bass guitar
Maxime Pouteau: guitar
Clément Bourmeau: guitar
Jean-Félix Hautbois: drums

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