Looking for a guitarist!

Alternine is looking for a second guitarist ! Clément decided to leave us to shred in his Death Metal band, we wish him all the best. Our future guitarist (male or female! Don’t be shy!) should:

  • Be nice and funny..
  • Have good technical abilities.
  • Know what Rock is about, know when to get crazy or when to shut up when the music requires it.
  • Be familiar with the following influences: Oceansize, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In…
  • Metalheads, please do not apply!! Don’t get us wrong, we love Metal, but if you want to play Metal, you will sooner or later become frustrated by not playing technical solos or thousands notes per seconds within Alternine.
  • There is no such as thing as a “rhythmical” or “lead” guitarist in Alternine. The music alternates both.
  • Be available for rehearsals or concerts (one concert per week is what to be expected). Aunt Jeanne’s birthday shall be missed.
  • Live Rennes or its surroundings to ease the rehearsals and extra-musical fun.
  • Contrary to what is said in our biography and after a venture in the simulated amplifiers world, we are back on good ol’amps. Be ready to have fun at carrying them too!
  • We have voluntarily paused our search for concerts in order to take our time at finding the right guitarist. But once this is done, we guarantee to be quite busy!
  • Our one-hour set is only made of compositions. As a consequence, the new guitarist will have first to learn them, which may be a rather hard work. But what joy to play them afterwards :)!
  • If possible, have a bit of concert experience. The goal is to “live” the music and convey emotions to the public. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to look sad or angry all the time, but also doesn’t mean you have to spend your time waving at your friends.
  • Our band is very ambitious and aim at being professionals. You must also have such ambitions.

If you haven’t flee yet, then do not hesitate! Send us a mail (contact@alternine.com) or phone us ((+33)6 46 60 09 99, leave a message without hesitation). See you soon!

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